Bucket of Beer Gift Set


Our Beer Gift Buckets are made for the guy who likes to drink, likes to party, and likes to be surprised. And we know this Coors Light gift basket will do just that. What, you think he’s gonna turn down a whole pail full of delicious, free beer? If he’s not a fan of Coors Light, don’t worry—this Beer Gift Basket can be fully customized to include a variety of other beers. From Stella Artois to Blue Moon to Guinness and beyond, we’ve got more than a dozen beer alternatives you can put into this beer bucket gift. You can also add in an extra glass, some of our awesome signature gear, an array of sweet and salty snacks, and other enhancements like cigars or playing cards. Whatever he’s into, it’s safe to say you’re setting the standard by which he’ll judge all other gifts. Good thing you thought of it first.