The Boilermaker Gift Set


A boilermaker is a Jack Daniels beer combo where a shot of whiskey gets dropped into a half-filled pint glass of beer. Making it is simple, but this Boiler Maker Gift Basket is anything but. If he’s a Bud fan, he’d probably be happy with a classic Bud Light gift set or a simple case of beer, but this one is just SO much better. In addition to the beer, whiskey, and pint glass, we’ve included a bottle opener, two beer koozies, and two cones of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn so he’s got something in his gut when he starting downing all that booze. Ten bottles of beer and a bottle of Jack Daniels? That’s right. We went there. The Boilermaker Beer and Whiskey Gift Basket is the ultimate Gift Basket for the guy who loves the original bomb shot/beer cocktail. Packed into a large metal tub that can be used later for pool parties, beach parties, and Sunday fun days watching the game, this Gift Basket includes five aluminum Bud Light bottles, five aluminum Budweiser bottles, a bottle of Jack, a bottle opener, and a pint glass to drink it in.